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Weeks 1 & 2
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Fun Facts from the Trip

"Sweet Dreams"

I spent the night in 30 different states, plus 2 Canadian provinces

Out of 62 totals nights on the road, 31 were spent at (usually) cheap motels, 16 with family or friends, and 15 in the back of the Rodeo (usually at highway rest stops)

"Gas Guzzling"

I stopped for gas a total of 60 times, and spent $1269 for 1115 gallons of regular unleaded gas.

Average cost per gallon: $1.14, average miles per gallon: 19.0

"A Park by any other name"

Total National Parks, Forests, Monuments, Memorials, Recreation Areas, and Historic Sites visited:  23


Mississippi River crossings (most of them just for the heck of it, but every one on a different bridge):  30

International border crossings:  10

"Credit where credit is due"

I greatly reduced my souvenir expenses by taking advantage of the generous offers of free gifts at most stadiums - just for filling out a credit card application (for a team logo card). It's going to look pretty crazy on my credit report, but just look at all the stuff I got!

Applications completed: 17       Free T-Shirts: 5
Free Gym Bags: 4
Souvenir Credit Cards
received so far:

Free "floppy" hats: 7
Free water bottles: 1

"Weather or not"

Even though I had built "rain-out protection" into my game schedule for all except 2 games, I saw exactly zero rain delays until the final game of the trip in Boston. The only other in-game rain was right at the end of the Rockies game.

In 63 days, I put on long pants exactly once - to combat the infamous chilly winds at 3Com (formerly Candlestick) Park in San Francisco.

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