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Weeks 1 & 2
Weeks 3 & 4
Weeks 5 & 6
Weeks 7 & 8
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Photos - Weeks 1 & 2

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Day 1

Ready for liftoff -
hope the house
is still there when
I get back!


An extremely foggy
Shenandoah Valley
as seen from Skyline Drive

Entering West Virginia

New River Gorge
Bridge - the longest
and second-highest
steel span bridge
in the country

New River Gorge
and the old bridge

North Carolina

South Carolina
(trust me, that's
what it says)

Day 2

Entering Georgia
(another lousy one)

At the Coke

Centennial Olympic Park,
with the CNN Center
in the background.

Turner Field

Batting practice

Game 1
just underway

Day 3

Entering Florida

ProPlayer Stadium

Game 2 just underway

Day 4

Miami Beach

A gator in the

The endless Everglades


The 15 mile loop
that I cycled.

Day 5

Madiera Beach/
Treasure Island
from out in the Gulf


Game 3
just underway

Best motel name
so far

Day 6

Entering Alabama

The big guns
on the
USS Alabama


The USS Drum
submarine and
one of the warplanes


Slots at the
Grand Casino
in Gulfport,


Day 7

Entering Texas

A cool looking,
and steep,
bridge over the
Galveston Bay

Apollo spacesuit

Replica lunar vehicle
(I guess bringing back
the real ones was
just too tough!)

The 6 million gallon
pool at the Neutral
Buoyancy Labs

The Astrodome

Batting practice
from the
upper-upper deck

On the field
at the Astrodome

The outfield seats during
batting practice (!!) for
the Mark McGwire show


Game 4 just underway

Day 8

From just about the
exact spot JFK was shot,
looking up to the window
that Oswald was in

Views of the grassy knoll

The Ballpark
at Arlington

Game 5
just underway

Major league RBI
leader Juan Gonzalez,
coiled and ready to strike

Sunset on the
Texas plains

Day 9

New Mexico

Looking down
into the
Carlsbad Caverns

The last view of
the outside world
for at least an hour.
Note the ever
circling cave swallows

An amazing
cave chandelier

Looking down
from the road
into the Caverns

Cliff near
the Caverns

I guess
gotta believe
in something

that's right -
they're all
covering it all up

Well, I guess this
proves that
there really are aliens

Spectacular views like this were
everywhere you looked
in northern New Mexico

Entering Colorado

Day 10

Coors Field

Game 6
just underway

Day 11

My uncle Rich &
cousin Cam Marshall
outside their new
house near Denver  

Huge snowbanks
on the road
to Mt. Evans

The remains of
the Crest house
at the top

Looking down on
Crest House
from the summit

The vast expanse
of the
Rocky Mountains

The always frozen
Summit Lake,
elevation 9000 feet

One of the many,
many peaks of
the Rockies

My newest cousin,
Hannah Lathom

Jim, Hannah &
Michelle with the
great view from
their deck

Winding through
Glenwood Canyon

More great scenes
from the Rockies

Entering Utah

Along scenic Rt. 128
hugging the Colorado River

Day 12

An immense mesa
in Arches National Park

Balanced Rock -
the rock itself is
over 55 feet tall

Delicate Arch

Skyway Arch

The spot that everyone
wants to stand on at the
Four Corners Monument

Entering Arizona

The Grand Canyon
& the Colorado River
from Lipan Point

More scenes from the canyon

 The view never ends

Day 13

Sunrise at the
Grand Canyon

The Bright Angel
suspension bridge,
over 9 miles
into the canyon

A view from the
canyon's interior

Day 14

Bank One Ballpark

One of the "cooler"
places to watch a
game - the pool
in right field

Opening BOB's roof

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