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Day 15

Entering California

Day 16

My host in San Diego,
Aileen with her roommates
and visiting friend Kendra

Qualcomm Stadium
in San Diego

Day 17

Dodgers Stadium

Game 9
just underway

They like big letters
on hillsides in L.A.
Hey, is that Rob's brother?

One hit away from
for Ismael Valdes

Day 18

Entering Nevada

The strip from
the 31st floor: Day

The strip from the
31st floor: Night

Day 19

The lowest point
in the western

Very colorful
in Death Valley

My favorite
hard at work

Sand dunes
in Death Valley

From just outside
Death Valley,
a view of Mt. Whitney,
the highest peak
in the continental U.S.

Day 20

The view from the
Hollywood Hills

Gotta get the
Hollywood sign!

At the starting
point of the

Edison Field
in Anaheim

Game 10
just underway

The Edison Field

My sister-in-law
and host in
Anaheim, Denise,
with her roommate

My Hollywood host,
Zia (I told you he
was nuts)

Day 21

Scenes like this are
around every turn on the
Pacific Coast Highway

The Lighthouse on
the Point at Big Sur

The Santa
Monica Wharf

Who knew?

Day 22

County Coliseum

Game 11
just underway

The field disappears
as the crowd prepares
for the fireworks

Day 23

Looking down
Lombard Street
from Russian Hill.
This block is
known as
"The crookedest
street in the world"

The San Francisco
Palace of Fine Arts

Golden Gate

at the
Cliff House

One of the real
"Escape from
Alcatraz" cells

The San Francisco
skyline from Alcatraz

The Rock

3Com Park at
Candlestick Point

Game 12
just underway

Day 24

Elephants getting
a bath at
Marine World

More amazing coastal scenery

The sun sets on
the Pacific Coast

These were taken at
the same time from atop
the coastal mountains

Day 25

The world's tallest tree in
Redwood National Park

Believe it or not,
all those 360-foot
trees are right down
there next to the river

Entering Oregon

Day 26

Just prior to
sunrise at
Crater Lake

The incredible reflections
on the lake

Mt. Hood,
highest peak

The Columbia
River Gorge

Horse tail

Multnomah waterfall,
2nd highest in America

The gorge from
the Vista House


Day 27

(can you find
the lighthouse?)

Looking out the
long rock jetty
off the cape

Me smokem
peacepipe here

The beaches of
Olympic National
Park, where the
forest meets
the ocean

Cape Flattery,
waaaay up in the
upper left hand
corner of
the United States

The (nearly) full
moon from the
Port Townsend ferry

Day 28

The eerily foggy
Deception Pass

The Capilano suspension bridge

U.S.-Canadian border

The Peace Arch

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