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Wow!  It's hard for me to believe that my trip is actually over or accept that I'm back in the "real world" after the adventure of my lifetime (so far).  I accomplished everything I set out to, with fewer complications than I had any right to expect.  The games were terrific, the driving never got old or tiresome, and I saw more of this amazing country of ours than many people see in a lifetime.  Throw in the relatives and friends that I saw for the first time in years and you've got my dream trip  - and it really happened!

I hope you've had the time and inclination to have perused some of the ramblings and photos on these pages.  I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing and recounting them.

Finally, I'd like to say one more big "Thanks!" to the people who made all my fun possible: My mom, who put together an amazing compilation of names and addresses of relatives that I didn't know I had and turned my trip into a class geography lesson for the preschool class she helps teach; everyone who took me in for a night (or nights) along the way; my younger sister Diane, whose worldly adventures provided me a bit of inspiration; the gang at work, who proved that I wasn't needed there as much as I may have thought; mother nature for keeping the rains almost completely out of my path (even though I had to endure some of the hottest days on record in notoriously hot Florida and Texas); the six or seven teams that graciously provided me with free game tickets; and all the Major Leaguers that provided me with an inordinate number of close, exciting games and a ton of great baseball memories - baseball truly is "the great American pastime".


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