Diary - Year 1

Month 12 (thru May 20th, 2002)

Iíve been working on my waving and hugs, now I smile a lot when I wave bye-bye and when I wave hello. Mommy and daddy say that I am a really good hugger, sometimes I even pat them on the back while Iím hugging them, and they really like that. I started walking for real for mommyís birthday and was a perfect walker by Motherís Day. I picked up a little can in the family room and held it in both hands while I walked all the way to the laundry room and back and didnít fall down or lose my balance at all. Now I walk all of the time except for when Iím already on the floor and need to go just a little further away.

Iím eating a lot more foods now, macaroni and cheese is my new favorite, but I still really love my yogurt. Itís a good thing that I got my second tooth on May 13th, it helps me eat more. Daddy let me try some chicken from the wings that he was eating (his favorite), it was so good that mommy and daddy could hardly break the pieces up fast enough for me to eat them.

Mommy tricked me into peeing in the potty one night when she was filling up my bath tub. She told me to sit down on it since I sometimes pee-pee on the floor while Iím waiting.  She showed me how it worked, but it just seems so much easier for me to just stick with my diapers for now.

We had my birthday party a few days early on May 19th and mommy baked a pretty cake for me and most of my aunts were able to come and celebrate with me. I got a bunch of cute new summer outfits to wear and some new running shoes with butterflies on the sides. Grandmom and granddad celebrated my birthday with me really early and brought me some new toys, books and clothes; my favorite is the book with the puppy dog on the front of it, especially the page with the bunny rabbit with the furry ear.

I like to play catch with daddy when Iím upstairs with mommy and he is downstairs. He throws balls up to me and I drop them back down to him through the railing. Itís lots of fun and makes me giggle, especially when daddy canít get the ball back up to me.

Month 11 (thru April 20th, 2002)

After mommy gives me my bath at night, she turns the water on to rinse my toys, I saw the water coming out and grabbed at it and tried to hold the stream of water in my hand. I couldnít get a good grip on it like I wanted to, but it really made me laugh. Now I get very excited when mommy tells me that bath time is over and I turn around and wait for the water that feels so funny in my hand.

I stopped my growling and started making a funny giggle instead Ė my teachers call it my evil laugh because I use it right before I try to get into trouble.

I can get down on the floor from sofa if one leg is hanging off and Iím on my tummy, I either try to climb back up if I feel like Iím slipping, or slowly lower myself down onto the floor standing on my feet if I feel like doing some cruising.

I play with my toys by myself on the table and the floor, but then I suddenly take off when I spot interesting things across the room Ė daddy calls this ďbaby on a missionĒ because I donít stop until I've accomplished my goal. My favorite missions are getting to the ficus tree to put my hand in the dirt or pull off some leaves or getting to daddy's phone on top of the back of the sofa - I will climb very determinedly over pillows and uneven sofa cushions and stay completely focused until I walk around the sofa and either pick it up and put in my mouth, and I look over edge if it falls off onto the floor. One day mommy put her legs up in front of the tree so that I could not get to the dirt, so I just stood up and held onto her legs while I reached over them to grab a branch.

On March 25th, I had my first bleeding booboo, I closed my classroom door on finger when trying to help out and close the door all the way. It was scary and I cried, but mommy and daddy came to cuddle me right after it happened and I was ok. I love to close daddy's door in his office, and sometimes I can open it if I donít close it all the way. One day when mommy was there, I stood up and walked while I pushed it open. I squealed to daddy when I noticed a picture of mommy on daddy's desk one day when we were hanging out together watching TV.

On March 30th, my first tooth broke through. I tried to keep it hidden with my tongue, but I think that mommy peeked at it while I was napping because she started talking about my little tooth.

There are lots of things that Iíve been working on for the last few months that I can finally do now. I can wave my hand now and it seems to get mommy and daddy excited. I throw blocks and balls forward when playing with daddy and laughing hysterically (he keeps picking them up and handing them back to me). I can open drawers and cabinets in the kitchen and throw things on the floor. I can push my car from the front using the steering wheel. Daddy gives me an ice cube in the morning when he is getting his, I am getting very good at picking up a slippery ice cube and sucking on it while holding it until it gets too small for me to get a good grip on. Sometimes if I hurt myself and cry, mommy will hold an ice cube for me and I try to chew on the ice with my new tooth.

When mommy is getting me ready for bed before my bath, I stand up holding onto the outside of my crib from outside and walk around to my pacifier and reach in to pick it up and then put it in my mouth and keep it there while I have my bath. Sometimes it relaxes me so much that I fall asleep before I get my sleeper on but mommy doesn't ever forget to give me some milk before I go to bed.

On April 15th, I waved bye-bye to mommy and daddy when they took me to school, they were so excited since they had been trying to get me to do it for a long time.

I met three dogs this month and squealed and jumped up and down when I saw them walking around. I liked them so much that I tried to pet them, grab their soft fur and kiss them on the nose when I could get close enough. I even crawled around on floor after them and was very excited and used my new giggle to get their attention. The last one that I met was Aunt Marianneís doggy; Nikki came to visit with grandmom and granddad and we had lots of fun playing tag together. She sometimes ran outside to hide from me, but I could still see her through the window on the deck. She must have been very sad when it was time for her to go home because she barked very loud when I waved bye-bye to her.

Month 10 (thru March 20th, 2002)

I started out this month by taking my first real step to daddy after he leaned me up against the sofa, but is still much easier for me to sit down and crawl to where I want to go. About a week later, (right before daddyís birthday) I took 4 steps to daddy and then to Mommy after I balanced myself in front of the sofa. I practice walking with mommy and daddy if they hold one of my hands. I walked with mommy one night while she held my arms and led her over to the steps, right after she let go, I showed her how easy it was for me to climb up onto the first one and pull up on the railing.

I made an interesting discovery when I was in the kitchen trying to reach a yellow glove hanging out of the sink. I grabbed on the cabinet to pull myself up and I realized that there are lots of doors for me to open in here, I still have trouble sometimes because they donít open up the same way, but Iím sure that I can figure this out.

My favorite door is the one in daddyís office, I can get it closed all the way with just three pushes now that figured out how it works (after lots of studying). After I push it almost all the way closed, I stand up in front of the box that is in front of the book shelves and lean on it to close it all the way, then I bang on the windows and smile at mommy outside or just start pulling on some of the books until mommy or daddy pick me up and carry me away.

On February 27th I discovered all of the fun cabinets in the kitchen, my favorite is the one in the corner. I tried pushing on one side, but I couldnít see what was inside until I pushed a little harder and looked at the other side; I immediately went over there and pulled out lots of plastic bowls and stuff and started tossing and spinning them on the floor.

I walked from the kitchen to daddyís office only holding onto one of moms hands and then I took two steps from mommy to daddy by myself. Walking is a lot of fun, but I always end up on my bottom, so Iím working on catching myself with my hands, so that I donít land so hard.

Month 9 (thru February 20th, 2002)

I really love to throw and bat my balls and toys around on the floor and chase them. Itís really funny when I get them to go near my diapers or mommyís tree so that I can play with them instead, because mommy always gets up and grabs me and says that funny word that sounds like ďnoĒ, I think that it must mean that I found something really fun to do. In the morning before I go to school, daddy sits me on the kitchen floor while he gets his ice cubes out of the freezer, I watch him very closely because he always drops one and it comes sliding across the floor right to me. I can pick it up and suck on it for a little while until it gets wet and slippery and falls out of my hand, then sometimes I pick it up again and suck some more or just bat it around and chase it on the floor.

I like to play with keys now, they make a lot of noise and taste really good too. Iím also getting good at playing with balls; I can roll them back and forth with mommy and can pick them up with one hand, which really makes daddy happy to see. Doors are a lot of fun too, now that I figured out the secret. If I grab the edge of them with my fingers, they open or close and usually make some noise.

I can stand really well now if there is something nearby to hold onto and it is really easy for me to sit down now. Iím also getting very steady on my feet now; when daddy stands me up against the sofa and tells me to take a few steps I can put my arms out for balance, but I usually sit down on my bottom and can help catch myself with my hands on the floor so that I donít fall too hard. I can push my pink car around really well and fast now, and go all the way through the kitchen to daddyís office, but sometimes I get stuck against the wall or a chair.

Iím eating a lot better now. I can hold my own bottle at school with one hand while Iím eating. Mommy started giving me Cheerios to eat; I picked them up off of my tray in my new high chair (thanks grandmom and granddad) and put them in my
mouth one at a time. I choked a little at first, but this was the best food yet so I kept eating them. Now Iím good at getting them in my mouth and swallowing them when they get mushy from all of my drool. My other favorite foods now are yogurt (I canít get enough of this) and bananas with oatmeal (yummy!).

Month 8 (thru January 20th, 2002)

Iím having a lot of fun playing games now; ďClimb the mommy (or daddy)Ē is one of my favorites, I wait for one of them to lay down on the floor and then I crawl over and climb on top of them and attack by lifting up my arms and growling at them, they usually growl back at me and itís so funny that I laugh at them.

We went on a trip to visit my grandmom and granddad's house. There we lots of fun places to explore and things to play with, especially the big hairy black thing called a "dog". She was fun to watch and to chase after, but she scared me pretty good once by making a really loud noise when I got too close. Even though I had a really runny nose most of the time we were there, I had a good time. Plus, I got to rip pretty colored paper off a lot of boxes and even found a few new toys inside!

I keep lots of my toys on the coffee table now; I was having so much fun standing and cruising around the table that daddy cleaned all of his stuff off of the table so that I would have more room to play. Itís a good thing that he did that, because after that big tree with the lights showed up in the family room (that I wasnít allowed to play with) I got a lot more toys to play with. A few of them have pretty flashing lights and play music when I bang on them or push the buttons. I figured out that if I start pulling myself up on my music table, it starts moving and I can stand up and push it forward when I move my legs.

I been eating some new things lately, but mommy's milk is still the best by far. I've had a few different types of cereal, crackers (fun to hold), peas, green beans, mashed potatoes, carrots (not so good), and sweet potatoes (pretty yummy). Also, daddy sometimes lets me have a taste of other things but mommy scolds him that I'm not supposed to have too many new things too soon.

Month 7 (thru December 20th, 2001)

November 25 is the day that I figured out how to crawl across the room by myself. All I had to do was lift up my hands at the same time I moved my legs forward. First I did it for mommy and daddy (since they had the camera out) and then I showed Aunt Louise and Aunt Diane how good I was at it and crawled much faster. I can finally get to the things that I really want to see and touch! Now I can get over to the coffee table and pull myself up to see whatís on top and grab some paper if Iím really quick. I saw my pacifier on the table one day, and I felt like sucking on it, so I crawled over, pulled myself up and put it in my mouth and then went back to playing with my toys. I also like to crawl around on the kitchen floor, there is so much new stuff to see there. Sometimes I like to spin and chase my bowls around on the floor, and other times I crawl over to the door and look outside while I play on the rug and when itís dark outside, I can even see myself in the window.

I saw daddyís laundry basket when I was upstairs, so I crawled over to it and pulled myself up onto my knees and then slid my knees forward until I was close enough to stand up straight. On another day, I crawled out of my room and across the hallway so that I could pull myself to stand up and look downstairs through the railing. My favorite things to crawl to are cords
and paper; and I can spot them from all the way across the room. Daddy has some bubble wrap in his office that I like to throw around and play with; but it always ends up in a nice neat pile the next time I come back to play.

Mommy was so excited in the morning when I called her so that she could see me standing up in my crib; the rails are just the right size to grab with my hands and pull up on to look around. There are so many little dots on the floor that I try to help mommy clean them up, but she always catches me before I can eat them.

I learned how to make some new noises by clasping my hands together and bouncing them off of my mouth when Iím talking. I can also help mommy and daddy pick me up now, all I have to do is put out my arms for them and they pick me up.

I got sent home early from school a couple times this month, once with a "fever" and once because I kept rubbing my eye so much. It turned out that I had "pink eye" and had to stay home another day and have mommy and daddy rub sticky stuff in my eye for a few weeks. It's no fun being sick!

Month 6 (thru November 20th, 2002)

This has been a very busy month for me. I can sit up all by myself now and lean forward to pick up my toys and then sit back up very straight and balance as I put them in my mouth.  I can grab my soft baseball by carefully grabbing the tag. Daddy gave me some cereal to eat and I liked it, but I spit it out when mommy tried to feed me; Iím not sure if I really like this stuff or not, so I think that Iíll wait a while before I really eat it. Daddy takes me for walks now, I take really high steps while he holds my hands and walks around the house. I can roll over really well now too; I roll off of my blanket onto the carpet so that I can watch my hands while I touch the carpet. I also like to feel the sofa and make noises when I scratch it with my fingers.

Daddy plays a funny game with me now; he puts a little blanket over my head so that I canít see him and says ďwhereís the baby?Ē, I grab the blanket and yank it off of my head as soon as he puts it on and laugh with him. He canít fool me anymore. I have another game that I taught myself - mommy calls it ďgrab, suck, throwĒ. I especially like to play it with my kitty; I pick her up with one hand, stick her nose into my mouth and suck on it for a few seconds, and then I throw her over to my side. I can play this game for a long time by myself until kittyís nose gets really wet.

Iím also working very hard trying to learn how to crawl, it takes a lot of concentration. I get up on my hands and knees and rock back and forth, then I push forward with my legs, the only thing that I have to figure out is how to keep from falling on my nose when I push forward. I can put my feet in my mouth now by grabbing them with my hands and pulling them up to my face. Another thing that I can do now is hold my own bottle at lunch time when Iím at school.

Month 5 (thru October 20th, 2002)

Now that Iím 4 months old and very busy with school during the day, Iíll only be writing monthly entries in my diary to let you know what Iím doing.

I can turn around in my crib now, I donít think that mommy can figure out how I do it. I talk a lot now and try to tell mommy everything thatís going on and ask lots of questions about her day and what sheís doing when she carries me around. I can pick things up with my hands and put them in my mouth; my favorite things are my fishy, my yellow bowl with the smiley face and my burp cloths, which are all fun to grab and suck on. I like to hold my toys up in front of my face and look at all of the different sides and colors when Iím touching them. I can grab at mommyís nose when she looks at me and I like to touch my daddyís nose and fuzzy face when heís talking to me.

Mommy showed me how to sit by myself without leaning on a pillow, itís fun for a while and I can keep myself from falling over if I want to when I lean on my hands, but I can move much faster if I just fall over and throw my arms and legs out. Grandmom and granddad came to visit and I showed them how I can push up really high on my arms and look around and stick my bottom up in the air and wiggle all around and make lots of noise. Iíve been practicing this crawling stuff with daddy for a long time now and I canít figure out why I donít get very far and I canít see where Iím going very well since I learned how to get my hand out from underneath my tummy.; Daddy keeps saying that I could get much further if I would just take my fist out of my mouth, stay up on my arms and legs at the same time and not bury my face into the blanket. Iíll have to try that one time if I can be sure that there will be something to suck on when I get to the other side.

Week 18

September 17 was my first day in daycare. Mommy dressed me after I ate breakfast and then Daddy put me in my car seat to take a little nap. I woke up when we got there and smiled at everyone when they said goodbye.  There are so many
new toys and people to play with here, Iím having lots of fun. I met some other babies that I get to talk to and play with until mommy and daddy come back to get me, but I usually get sleepy and take a nap while Iím waiting.

Iím having fun in my bathtub, but I like to see whatís on the other side, so I pick my head and feet up and try to sit and look into the mirror and at the sides of the tub. When Mommy takes my diaper off, I like to tighten up my whole body, stretch my arms and legs straight out and then kick my legs.

Week 17

Mommy lets me sit on her lap when she eats and I can grab her plate with my hand and move it now. After I did that a couple of times, mommy gave me my own yellow bowl to play with; she even lets me pick this one up and put it in my mouth if I want to. I guess I was getting too busy for her to hold, because mommy started putting me in my swing while she eats. I just noticed that there are toys for me to play with on the swing, I can look in the mirror and spin the colored circles on the other side, or I can play with my bowl. Swinging is so much fun now!

Mommy had me sit on her belly and held my hands when she was doing her sit ups; she looked so funny that I started laughing hysterically every time she put her head near me and then she started laughing with me.

Week 16

Iím really trying to crawl now, but I can only scoot around a little. I lift up my bottom with my legs and push forward really hard, but my arms usually get stuck under my belly and I havenít figured out how to get them out from under me so that I can reach forward.

Mommy and Daddy help me to sit up leaning against a pillow now. Itís fun for a while, but then I see things that I want to touch; so I lean over to the side to get to them and end up on my face, which isnít a lot of fun. After I fall over, I immediately put my arms and legs straight out and lie flat on my tummy and try to crawl to my toys, but I can only scoot for a short distance.

Week 15

I play with my Sesame Street gym a little more now, I can push Big Bird and Cookie Monster on their swings and then roll onto my side to play with the parts on the sides too. I still canít figure out what that fan is doing on the ceiling no matter how hard I concentrate and watch what it does.

Iím also trying to do more exercises now that mommy showed me how to do crunches, I still cheat a little by grabbing onto mommyís fingers and pulling my head up, and sometimes she holds my arms while I pull myself all the way up and stand.

I finally figured out what to do with my fingers, I can touch and grab things and put them into my mouth. Mommy put my kitty on my tummy, so I grabbed and hugged him and put his paw into my mouth; he was kind of dry, even with all of my drool that I took him out and put him back on the ground.

Week 14

Mommy got me to pull myself up by holding onto her fingers tight and stand up for her. She was so excited about it that I couldnít tell her that me and daddy had been practicing for weeks. I pulled my head up and straightened my legs while
mommy pulled me up and then I gave her a really big smile.

I can talk a lot now and can say a lot of different things, I just wonder why mommy and daddy donít understand what Iím saying because they can say the exact same things that I say. I just laugh and smile at them a lot and it seems to make them
happy. I can get really loud when Iím talking and make all different kinds of sounds that really get their attention.

Mommy took me shopping and we bought a toy fishy with crinkly fins to play with. Daddy showed me how to hold onto his tail and move him around and into my mouth.

Daddy stayed home with me again this week and he showed me something new that was a lot of fun; he put me on a blanket and lifted the side of it up until I rolled over onto my tummy and pushed my head up, and then lifted up the other side and I rolled onto my back again. I thought about how this worked for a couple of days, and then I showed him that I could do it all by myself (he was so excited that he got mommy to come watch, so I did it again for her). Iíll have to practice this some more because I canít quite get my hand out from under me all of the time and I canít roll back the other way by myself yet.

Week 13

Now that I can look around, I can watch mommy and daddy when they walk around me and talk to me; my head turns all the way to both sides and back. I like to sit on daddyís lap and help him work now; if he helps me a little, I can hold my head up
and look all around and see more of whatís going on around here.

I have a bunny in my crib that I play with, he looks at me a lot, so I grab his floppy ears and push him around with my hands that open and close now.

I had my first full day alone with daddy this week, we had lots of fun Ė but thatís all Iím going to say about it, since I donít want mommy to worry about what we did. Great Aunt Louise came to visit again, and she took care of me for a couple days while mommy and daddy went to work, so I was on my best behavior, and we had so much fun together.

Week 12

We drove around some more this week and I got to meet lots of new people, mostly aunts, uncles and cousins. When we got back home, I saw a little baby that looked exactly like me when I was taking a bath in my little bathtub on the bathroom counter, so I stuck my tongue out at her to see what she would do. Then I realized how silly I was Ė it was really me, I was only looking into a mirror, so I just laughed really loud and stuck out my tongue again.

Iím trying to let mommy know how much I hate having a wet diaper on my bottom; so I just cry until she finally takes it off, then I make cute little noises while I laugh and kick my legs. It feels good when mommy leaves the diaper off and fans and pats my bottom for a few minutes Ė and she doesnít get too upset when I forget and pee before she puts the clean, dry one on Ė oops!

I learned how to lift my head up higher when Iím on my tummy; I just have to push up a little on my arms and I can see so much more.

Week 11

Daddy started letting me sit on his lap sometimes to watch the games on TV and I can see a lot more of whatís going on now that I can look around. We went on a very long road trip this week; I got lots of good naps in and I went to my first baseball game which was very exciting Ė it was even noisier than on TV and the Pirates won the game, so I also saw some fireworks.

Week 10

I think that I know when bedtime is coming now Ė it gets kind of dark in the house and then mommy changes my diaper and lets me wear a cute, snuggly sleeper before she feeds me and puts me in my crib; now I can really relax and enjoy dessert
before I go to sleep.

Itís hard to stay awake in the morning when mommy comes in to feed me, itís still very dark and Iím still a bit sleepy, so Iím glad that she doesnít make me stay up just because I need a little snack in the morning before breakfast.

Week 9

I finally got to spend the night in my own room in my pretty new crib, maybe now I can sleep better since I canít hear daddyís loud snoring in here. On my first night, I slept for 5 hours and mommy came to feed me, and then I went back into my crib and talked to my stuffed animals and fell asleep for a few more hours. I didnít even have to cry for mommy to come in to feed me, I just yelled a little and she came in and asked me if I was hungry Ė what service! I guess Iíll give mommy a break at night and sleep for 5 or 6 hours at a time; as long as she still gets up and looks at me if I make any noises.

Now that I can look straight up when Iím lying on my back, I noticed that there are some animals flying above my crib; mommy told me all of their names and then made them fly around in a circle. I also like to look at the ceiling fans turning
around and around, I just canít figure out how they stay up so high.

Week 8

I can see a lot more that is going on now that I can push my head up enough to look around when Iím on my tummy. I also have found that if I yell enough, I can get someone to hold me up over their shoulder and carry me all around the house so that I can look out of all of the windows and really see whatís going on.

I noticed that I can use all of the drool in my mouth to blow bubbles with and it tastes a lot better than that other stuff that is in my mouth sometimes. Mommy doesnít seem very concerned when I get the hiccups anymore, since I learned to make them go away if I concentrate really hard and relax.

Week 7

Iíve had a lot more time to play this week: I noticed that there are some toys to play with on my bouncy seat, and swinging toys over my head on my gym that I have to look straight up at to see while lying on my back.

My kitty seemed much more friendly this week, so I reached out to touch him with my hand and he stayed still and let me pet him (I guess it might be because I stopped knocking him over with my fist). I also tried talking to mommy and my kitty this week, but all that came out was ďgooĒÖ Iíll have to find out how to make those other funny noises that mommy makes while Iím sitting on her lap and holding my head straight up.

I like to take naps in my bassinet in the afternoon, when I can stare through the side of it and look at the light coming through the blinds till I fall asleep.

Week 15

This week I got a Sesame Street gym to play with; itís still kind of big for me, but I can spin parts of it with my fist and play by myself for about half an hour. I can push my kitty over now when he gets too close (I think that mommy might be helping him get back up again).

When mommy was changing my diaper next to my bassinet, I reached out and touched a little bear on the side of it with my finger, I had been checking him out for a while, and mommy said that she was wondering what I had been looking at.

Mommy and daddy say such silly things to me these days that I can hardly keep from smiling and grinning at them anymore. I have lots of new things to do now, Iím glad that they finally caught on that I was getting a little bored. I have a swing that I can sit in now and just look up in the air while I relax and a bouncy vibrating seat to sit in while I play.

We went on our first road trip to West Virginia; I slept most of the way and then went on a short hike with daddy up the mountain.

Week 5

I was moving my hands around this week and reaching out to touch things with my fist, now that everything isnít so fuzzy anymore and I can see what Iím doing. I can even pet my little kitty now, instead of just staring back at him. Iím learning
to do push-ups now, I can see a lot more with my head up in the air. I also like lying across mommyís legs so that I can push my head over the side and see the floor. Maybe one day mommy wonít hold me so tight and I can jump over onto my head; but for now, Iíll just smile at her when she figures out what Iím trying to do and just hang my head over the edge.

Week 4

I thought that it might be time to give mommy a little break since I know sheíll be there when I wake up in the morning, so I can sleep 4 or 5 hours at a time now at night when I want to, but sometimes I like to stay up late, so I can be very loud and fussy until 2 or 3 in the morning when I want to be.

Week 3

This week I noticed that there are lots of wiggly things at the ends of my arms; I think that I heard something about hands and fingers, Iíll try to find out what theyíre all about. I noticed that mommy wonít feed me every time I cry anymore, she
usually makes me wait a few hours now, which is fine if Iím napping, but if Iím awake I need to have something in my mouth; Iím glad that I noticed those wiggly things Ė I can suck on my hand and thumb while Iím waiting if I open my mouth real wide.

I like to lie on my tummy sometimes and try to move closer to mommy and daddy; I kick my legs a lot and get a little closer, but I always end up on my nose. (Iíll have to get daddy to help me crawl soon, this is harder than I thought). I also try to push on mommyís belly with my feet when she holds me on her lap, Iím so tall that I can push my head over the edge of her knees and look at the floor.

Week 2

This week, I started to show off a little bit. I can make lots of faces; sometimes I smile and sometimes I just feel like screaming, so thatís what I do. I like to sleep and eat a lot, but Iím not usually in a hurry to get up from my naps. When
Iím almost ready to get up, I start making faces and stretching my legs straight out and stretching my arms over my head, just to make sure that mommy will be ready to feed me when I wake up.  This usually works out pretty well for me, so sometimes I change my mind and decide to sleep a little longer when I get their attention. Sometimes I even open my eyes to see whoís close by and then go back to sleep, mommy is always close by when Iím really ready to get up and play, but itís still a lot of fun to keep them prepared and guessing.

Week 1

Today I made my way out of that very warm and cozy place that I used to call home. I was running out of space to stretch my legs and decided that it was time to see my mommy and daddy and to get some fresh air. I finally got mommy and daddy
to go to the hospital after several hours of wiggling and kicking, they didnít believe me at first, so I pushed harder until they got the message. They made me wait so long that the doctor said that it was time as soon as they got there Ė I hope that they listen to me better in the future, they should know that this baby stuff is serious business.

Now that Iíve met mommy and daddy, I think that Iím going to have lots of fun out here; they actually videotaped everything that I did on my birthday. I didnít want to show off too much at first, so I started to impress them by lifting my head and looking around and rolling onto my side when they put me down to sleep. When daddy came to the hospital to pick us up, he brought me home where grandmom and granddad were waiting to greet me; I had already met them at the hospital, but I was kind of sleepy when they were there. Aunt Diane, Aunt Marianne, Aunt Denise and cousin Suzanne also came to visit me a couple times this week.

05/21/02 10:00 PM